Northern Lights came early this year


The aurora borealis is usually best seen in the months of December and January in the High North. In recent days, however, a small geomagnetic storm has caused the magnificent spectacle of light to be seen in Scotland, Canada and the north of the United States.

The Northern Light is created by the solar wind, or electrically charged particles thrown into the universe by the sun and collided with our atmosphere. The result is a dancing game of green, blue and purple curtains in the sky, which can only be seen when the weather is bad.

A few days ago, a temporary malfunction of those electrically charged particles in the atmosphere was caused by a geomagnetic storm, which made the Northern Lights very clear in the last few nights. The next few nights will also see the spectacle of light, including in Canada, the north of the United States, Scotland and the far north of the United Kingdom.

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