New York to become the 14th state to legalize weed


New York is on track to legalize cannabis for recreational use as the 14th U.S. State. Governor Andrew Cuomo and parliamentarians of New York have formally agreed, Cuomo’s office announced Sunday.

The bill makes it possible for adults aged 21 and over to buy cannabis and grow it at home for their own consumption. New York will also retroactively erase cannabis-related crimes, which are no longer punishable under the new law, from the criminal record of convicts.

Steering legislation through the New York parliament seems like a formality, as the Democrats of Cuomo have a strong majority in both chambers.

The governor States in a statement that the plan could generate $ 350 million (about $ 296 million) of taxpayers’ money each year and potentially create tens of thousands of jobs.

‘Legal weed creates jobs and benefits the economy’

“Legalizing cannabis for adults is not just about creating a new market that will create jobs and benefit the economy,” says Cuomo about the plan. “It is also about justice for long marginalized communities and is to ensure that those who have been unfairly punished in the past are now given a chance to benefit.”

The law will come into effect immediately as soon as it is passed, but the sale of cannabis may take another two years as New York will have to establish a supervisory body among other things, a government official said.

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