Lincoln Hills prison to be closed in 2021


The history of infamous Lincoln Hills prison is coming to an end with legislation to close it signed by governor Scott Walker. But it will still serve it’s purpose until at least 2021, when the new Juvenile prison will be commissioned. The same legislation to close the Lincoln Hill contains authorization to spend $80 millions for the new facility.

Lincoln Hills was opened in 1970. It was built according then-modern standards. Inmates live in several cottages. The institution is surrounded by chain link fence and guarded. Due to the very nature of offenses committed by the inmates this prison was not exactly the best place to spend some young years. Since 2010 the prison took the center stage for grave histories of abuse of power. The ever-changing management was unable to cope with staff, guards and inmates. It resulted in several serious incidents.

The prison has become convenient target for ACLU, FBI and U.S. Department of Justice and other local an national activists. Several investigations were performed without outstanding findings. Pressure to close the prison mounted and it was only matter of time when the institution will be closed.

If you are in doubt that the new prison will solve the old problems you are not alone. It seems that somebody believes in ghost stories and evil spirits once he puts the hope on relocation as a vivid way to bring an order in prison.

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