Joe Biden is not happy with stricter electoral law in Georgia


President Biden compared the new electoral law in Georgia with the discriminatory Jim Crow laws, which distinguished between white and black Americans. The new law imposes stricter requirements on voting.

On Friday, US president Joe Biden expressed strong criticism of new electoral law in the state of Georgia. Biden called the law, which, among other things, imposes stricter requirements on identification regulations, an “abomination”. That’s what Reuters reports.

The law was passed on Thursday and, among other things, reduces the number of issue points for letter votes. Local politicians are also given the right to shorten the period during which voters can vote early. In addition, it is forbidden to offer food and water to voters who stand in line to vote. In 2018, Georgia’s congressional elections turned into a scandal because voters often had to wait hours to cast their vote. Prior to the election, Republican Brian Kemp, then Secretary of State, had closed a number of polling stations, removed tens of thousands of voters from registration lists, and introduced stricter identification laws. For example, 53,000 registration cards were declared invalid, 70 percent of which belonged to African-Americans.

Biden compared the electoral law to the Jim Crow laws, which established the separation between white and black after the abolition of slavery. He said he did not know what the federal government could do against the electoral law, but that the Ministry of Justice “would look into it”. Kemp, who took office as governor in Georgia in 2019, responded by rejecting the comparison with the Jim Crow laws and saying that the new electoral law will bring about a fairer electoral process. In the last presidential election, Democrat Biden won a majority in Georgia. It was the first time since 1992 that a Democrat received the most votes in the state.

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