Gov. Scott Walker unveils school safety plan for Wisconsin


Governor Walker announced his vision of school safety plan. This plan is meant to prevent disastrous events like there happened in Florida, where armed former student, massacred his alumna. Despite it is not first school postal in US history, and even not the most remarkable one, the tragedy of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland trigged major shift in society. Public opinion – or public presentation of public opinion – shifted towards gun control measures. However, it is not an option to consider in short term in Wisconsin. Politicians need to present safety plans without mentioning gun control at all.

Here is a plan presented by the Governor:

  • Establishing the Office of School Safety under the Wisconsin Department of Justice
  • Creating an $100 million School Safety Grant Program under the Office of School Safety
  • Requiring Mandatory Reporting for any threats of school violence
  • Amending bullying statue to include prompt parental notification
  • Incorporating Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) into training programs
  • Strengthening school safety plan requirements
  • Encouraging cooperation with local law enforcement

This plan, in general, resembles a scaled-up version of what was presented by the democrats earlier this week. Despite the plan is nearly identical to the democratic initiative some democrats were eager to criticize it:

“It’s disappointing to see Gov. Walker continue to ignore the pleas from Wisconsin students who want safe schools. For a plan that is supposed to be about gun safety, I don’t see anything in here that will keep deadly firearms out of the wrong hands. This plan doesn’t strengthen our background check system…” – commented State Sen. Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling.

Democrats also avoided any gun control measures in their own initiative. Parties are silent on gun control in Wisconsin and only mention it’s absence in opponent’s programs.

The new plan, however is viewed as a step in right direction. State Rep. John Nygren (R-Marinette) commented:

“Students, teachers, and parents should always feel safe and secure in a school environment. Based on the initial information released by the Governor, I am optimistic we can act to help make our schools safer.”

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