Democrats introduce gun safety bills — without guns being mentioned


In the wake of Stoneman Douglas school shooting democrats of Wisconsin have introduced a bill which contains a package of measures intended to provide school and public safety. None of the proposed bills actually is intended on tighter gun control. The new legislations is turning to financing a bunch of programs.

  • Once adopted it will increase aid for school mental health programs;
  • Create $24 million in grants to help school districts develop programs to prevent violence;
  • Provide funding for the Wisconsin Safe and Healthy Schools Training and Technical Assistance Center to address school violence;
  • Allow school boards to discuss safety in closed session and exempt safety plans from the open records law.

The last point is especially suspicious – security through obscurity was never a good option to go. State of Wisconsin protects legal gun owners. Cities can not pass bills that introduce firearms or knife ordinances stricter than that of state law. It is legal for are 18 years of age or older. A license for open carry is not required unless in a taxpayer-owned building or within 1000 feet of school property and not on private property. On December 7, 2011, Governor Walker signed a bill passing a Castle Doctrine (also known as ‘stand your ground’) for Wisconsin. Private sales are legal. No background check are necessary.

Republicans are working on the alternative package. It will be released by Gov. Scott Walker at the end of the month.

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