A gang of robbers is active in Manhattan, police is asking for tips


A group of armed, suspected youthful robbers marches through a section of Manhattan, making anyone crossing the gang’s path a potential target. The youth is active in the posh Upper West Side neighborhood, next to Central Park. The gang stole a 27-year-old man from his phone “threatening to stab him.” Cyclists are also attacked.

Others have to give up phones or expensive goods, like an electric bicycle.

The gang, the police assume at least three perps, is linked to at least four robberies in the last month. At 30 months, three teenagers were forced to hand over their phones under threat of a gun. A 13-year – old child was knocked to the ground on 13 March because of his hat.

As far as we know, there were no serious injuries, but the predatory teenagers keep the neighborhood busy. The police have been asking for information since Wednesday.

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