West Set to Override Russia’s UN Veto


Western nations seem to have agreed on a position that would allow circumventing Russia’s veto in the UN on the use of chemical weapons in Syria. For this, the 1950 resolution “Unity for Peace” will be used to refer the consideration of the issue to the UN General Assembly, where Russia cannot use veto.

This precedent arose during the Korean crisis in 1950. The procedure allows nine members of the Security Council to bypass the veto of a permanent member of the Security Council and refer this issue for voting to the UN General Assembly, which can decide by a two-thirds majority.

On the basis of the resolution “Unity for Peace”, the General Assembly can take action in the event of a threat to peace, a breach of the peace or an act of aggression, unless the Security Council is able to act in this direction because of a lack of unity among its permanent members.

Diplomats of Western countries will meet later this week to powwow on the issue, the newspaper said.

Earlier, UN Secretary General António Guterres talked about the ineffectiveness of the UN Security Council. In his opinion, this body no longer reflects the balance of power in the world and does not correspond to modern realities. He also noted that some countries abuse the right of veto, writes The Guardian.

Russia has eleven times used the power of a permanent Security Council member to block action targeting its ally Syria.​

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