US Increases Military Presence in Germany


The US Armed Forces will strengthen the contingent of permanent deployment in Germany, sending an additional 1,500 soldiers to the European country.

According to Defense News, the new forces will come as reinforcement for 33,000 US military stationed in Germany. The strengthening of the American presence will occur through the creation of new combat units instead of redeployment of already existing across the Atlantic.

In particular, the US Armed Forces are going to set up on the German territory two command headquarters of artillery brigades, two battalions of multiple launch systems and a short-range air defence battalion. The manning of new units is planned to be completed by September 2020.

Colonel Terry Anderson, who was a military attache in Berlin, explained that this move by Washington reflects the intention to restore the balance of combat power at the divisional level. He added that the artillery and air defense units will complement such units in conjunction with US units that are already based in Germany. The decision to strengthen the US Army in Europe came a few months after the administration of Donald Trump announced plans to review the US military presence in Germany.

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