US, China to Resume Trade Talks


The meeting of delegations of the United States and China is scheduled for the end of August. The negotiations in Washington will be held on the background of the trade war, flared up by of the mutual introduction of duties.

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced the resumption of trade negotiations with the United States and said that the delegation from Beijing will be headed by Deputy Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen, the US – Deputy Foreign Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs David Malpass.

“China,” the ministry’s press service also noted, “welcomes [the trade] dialogue on the basis of reciprocity, equality and integrity.”

“These will be negotiations on trade negotiations,” Bloomberg commented on the plans of Beijing and Washington. “Officials of a low level will meet, bargain and see if there is an opportunity for negotiations at a higher level [in this regard],” the agency quoted the analyst of the Institute of International Finance at the Bank of China, Guy Singe.

The last round of talks between Beijing and Washington to resolve the existing contradictions took place in early June: then US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross met with Vice Premier of the State Council Liu He in Beijing. Participants in the meeting said that they had reached “positive progress” at the talks, but some details remained to be confirmed.

Despite this, US President Donald Trump then decided to slap a new, 25 percent duty on imported goods from China worth $ 50 billion. On July 6, Beijing responded to Washington with a similar measure, abandoning all the agreements reached earlier with the US.

On August 3, the White House reiterated that the United States is open to further negotiations with China on the resolution of a trade dispute.

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