US cancels restrictions on relations with Taiwan


The United States is putting an end to the restrictions on contacts with Taiwan. According to foreign minister Pompeo, decades ago, the US imposed restrictions on itself to satisfy the communist government in China. “That’s over,” it says in Pompeo’s statement.

The chief diplomat speaks of ‘complex constraints’ in contacts between Taiwanese and American diplomats, military and other officials. For example, Taiwanese officials were not allowed to enter the US State Department building. Meetings were therefore completed in hotels.

The Chinese government sees Taiwan as a renegade province of the people’s Republic. Beijing is trying to keep the country isolated from the rest of the world, including by asking other countries not to have official contacts with the Taipei government.

As a lender and arms supplier, Washington is Taiwan’s main ally. Tensions between China and the US have not diminished under the leadership of Trump, partly as a result of the Taiwan issue. Recently, it was announced that the US ambassador to the United Nations will be visiting Taiwan next week, which again led to fierce criticism from Beijing.

A spokesman for the State Department in China said that some “anti-Chinese politicians” will do everything in their power to undermine the relationship between China and the US in the aftermath of their term of office. In a week and a half, power will be handed over to Joe Biden and his government in the United States.

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