UK: Brexit Past No-Return Point?


The UK government bill on Brexit will irrevocably pave the way for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

A vote in Britain’s parliament on Wednesday closed the door for good on any chance of the country staying in the European Union, Trade Minister Liam Fox said Thursday.

“As many of you know, last night we took a decisive step in the legislation, which now irrevocably paves the way for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union,” he told a debate in Geneva.

“Therefore, in case of any doubt, the chances of the UK not to leave the European Union are now zero,” Fox said.

“The government cannot be forced by Parliament to negotiate something that the government does not want to do,” the international trade secretary stated before the vote.

As reported, the government bill on the conditions for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU went through parliament despite the resistance of some of the deputies of the ruling Conservative Party.

British Prime Minister Teresa May called the adoption of the bill “an important step” in providing a “smooth” Brexit.

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