U.S. investigates reports of civilian casualties after retaliation on IS


The US Army is investigating whether civilian casualties have been incurred in the air raid it carried out on Sunday in the Afghan capital Kabul. CNN reports that at least nine members of one family were killed in the attack, including six children. A brother of one of the victims said that.

“We are aware of reports of civilian casualties following our attack on a vehicle in Kabul today,” says an army spokesman. “We would be deeply saddened by any possible loss of innocent lives.”

The drone attack on the car was the second American retaliation for the deadly bombing on Thursday at Kabul airport, which was claimed by the Afghan branch of terrorist group Islamic State (IS-K). Eyewitnesses reported that the area where the attack was carried out trembled from the huge bang.

“We are sure that we have successfully hit the target,” the US military said. The explosions that followed the drone attack would indicate” the presence of a significant amount of explosive material ” in the car. According to the military, they may have led to additional casualties.

According to an anonymous security officer, there was definitely one IS-K warrior in the car. He would have planned another attack on the airport.

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