Trump Sought Merkel’s Advice on Putin


US President Donald Trump has asked the German Chancellor Angela Merkel during last week’s talks for an advice on how to build relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

German Chancellor has a long history of political relations and rancor with Putin. CNN and NYT did not specify what Merkel told the president but remarked that Trump does not often pay much attention to what he is told.

Earlier, the US National Security Council spokesman explained why Trump wanted to meet with Putin. He noted that “good relations with Russia are in our common interests.”

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed satisfaction regarding cooperation with the United States in the sphere of policy towards Russia. at a joint press conference following the talks in Washington on Friday she noted a “high level of unanimity” over conflicts with Russia and the role of Moscow in Syria.

The two leaders exchanged views on American sanctions imposed on Russia. She noted that German firms are afraid to indirectly suffer from these sanctions.

For his part, Donald Trump once again criticized Germany for insufficient, in his opinion, defense spending. Germany should spend at least two percent of its GDP on defense needs, he said, expressing the hope that each NATO partner will fulfil and even surpass this target figure.

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