Trump-Putin Summit Announced


The White House announced Thursday that that the leaders of the USA and Russia Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will meet on July 16 in Helsinki, Finland, where they will “discuss relations between the United States and Russia and a range of national security issues”.
Earlier, the Kremlin reported that the heads of the two states will meet on July 16 in Helsinki and that the presidents will give a press conference after the meeting, where they will answer the journalists’ questions.

“They will certainly discuss the general international situation and hopefully even small steps in reducing tensions”, stated the President of Finland Niinistö.

US national security adviser John Bolton said in Moscow on Wednesday that Trump would likely raise the election meddling issue during his sit-down with Putin. 

The summit is to be held four days after a NATO meeting in Brussels, Belgium, where Trump will meet the leaders of the US military allies. NATO members were worried that if the summit with Putin had taken place earlier, Trump might have agreed to something with the Russian leader that they would have been forced to go along with.

The British authorities, in the meantime, express concerns about the future of Trump-Putin meeting, as no one can predict what the head of the United States may say, Bloomberg reported citing high-ranking sources in the UK government.

A Cabinet minister said they worry Trump would want to burnish his deal-maker credentials by outlining a plan to reduce military presence around Europe’s Eastern boundaries. Another source noted that always “agreed it was difficult to know what Trump might say when he met Putin. He stressed that the unpredictability of the US president had already manifested itself when Trump was negotiating with the British authorities.

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