Scottish MPs Set to Reject EU Pullout Bill


The Scottish parliament will most likely vote down the UK government’s plans for sharing EU powers after Brexit. Instead, a comprehensive majority of members of Scottish legislature are leaning toward backing calls by the government to reject London’s bill 

Earlier, Holyrood’s constitution committee rejected the UK government’s proposals as “unacceptable”.

The vote on Tuesday will decide on whether Scotland gives an official nod to United Kingdom’s pullout from the EU.

That vote is not binding, but in the case of a negative outcome, Prime Minister Theresa May will have to the dispute will also take the issue up in the UK supreme court.

The long-running dispute between the Scottish and UK governments centres on how they will jointly manage 24 areas such as food quality, toxic chemicals and farm subsidies after Brexit, through a series of joint frameworks.

Backed by the Labour group at Holyrood, the Lib Dems and the Scottish Greens, the Scottish government insists that none of these joint frameworks can be changed without Holyrood’s express consent.

Green MSP Patrick Harvie of the Holyrood’s constitution committee said: “It’s a very positive sign that the whole Scottish Parliament is united on this issue, with the exception of the Tories, who have given up on our European future and now want MSPs to give up on protecting Scotland’s interests.

“The parties that campaigned together to create Scotland’s Parliament must now stand together against Theresa May and Ruth Davidson’s demolition squad.”

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