Scotland cancels virtually all COVID-related limitations


The most important coronavirus figures on Monday: Scotland is going after the southern neighbors in England and will cancel virtually all coronavirus measures from Monday, thanks to the high vaccination rate and falling infection rates. In Iran and the United States, the figures are less favorable.

After England, Scotland also takes a big step towards the old normal: most of the coronavirus measures no longer apply. Hundreds of Scots lined up at midnight for clubs and other entertainment venues, which opened their doors for the first time since March 2020. The outdoor meeting of thousands of visitors is allowed again and the quarantine obligation is no longer applicable to fully vaccinees who have been in contact with an infected person.

According to Scottish prime minister Nicola Sturgeon, the easing is possible thanks to the high vaccination rate and the decreasing trend in infection rates. Of those over 18, 90 percent received a first shot and 75 percent were fully vaccinated. Last week, around 150 infections per 100 000 inhabitants were recorded, one and a half times as many as in the Netherlands. Mouth masks remain mandatory in public spaces and public transport. The government also recommends working from home, if possible.

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