Protests and looting erupted in Malmö


In the (former) Swedish city of Malmö, riots broke out Friday night, according to local police. Protesters protested against various actions against Islam in the city centre Friday afternoon, including the burning of a Quran.

According to a spokesman, demonstrators threw stones and other objects at police officers and set car tires on fire. The riots weren’t under control by the end of the night.

The riots arose during a counter-protest against anti-Islam actions. On Friday afternoon, several actions took place in the centre of Malmö after the Swedish government refused to allow an extreme right-wing politician from Denmark, Rasmus Paludan, to enter the country.

Paludan was to hold a meeting in Sweden, but according to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet was stopped at the border. The Swedish police have denied the politician access for two years because he would be a threat to the ‘fundamental interests of society’.

Activists kicked a Quran over a square on Friday afternoon and burned a copy of the book that is sacred object to Muslims. Paludan is known for calling regularly for the burning of Quran; he would have planned to do so at his scheduled meeting.

As a counter-reaction, at least 300 demonstrators took to the streets on Friday night. The police also say they see a connection between the afternoon’s actions and Friday’s protest. It got restless when protesters started setting off fireworks, throwing objects to the police and setting fires.

It is not clear whether people were injured in the riots and how many protesters were arrested, reports Aftonbladet. At least three people were arrested during the anti-Islam campaigns on Friday afternoon.

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