Poll: Brits Not So Sure on Brexit


Most British citizens (74%) say they are dissatisfied with the work of the Prime Minister Teresa May, Sky News reported on Monday, citing the results of a public opinion poll.

Only 24% of the polled Britons said they were satisfied with May’s work as head of the UK government.
The survey shows that the incumbent government undermines the credibility of Brexit. Two-thirds of the population, including the majority of voters who voted for secession from the European Union (EU), called the Brexit talks “bad” for Britain.

Thus, 78% of respondents (23 percent more than three months ago) said that the government is bad at negotiating Brexit, while another 10% believe that the Brexit talks are going OK.

Notably, a half of the polled UK citizens (50%) stated in favor of a new referendum on Brexit, while only 40% of respondents said that no new referendum is needed.

Recently, the representative of the European Union at the talks on Brexit, Michel Barnier. said that the treaty on the conditions for the UK withdrawal from the EU should be ready before the October summit.
Within Sky Data’s nationwide poll 1,466 Sky customers were interviewed on 20-23 July 2018 in accordance with the overall profile of the population. Sky Data is a member of the British Polling Council.

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