Philippines Snubs US Sanctions


The possibility of imposing US sanctions on the purchase of arms by the Philippines from Russia is “hypocrisy”, the country’s Foreign Minister Alan Pieter Cayetano said at a meeting of ASEAN foreign ministers in Singapore on Thursday.

Cayetano sanctions will not force Manila to refuse from purchasing Russian weapons. “If [the imposition of sanctions] happens, it will be hypocrisy,” said Cayetano.

Reuters reminds that the United States is threatening to slap sanctions on the Philippines for a contract for the purchase of more than 700 rockets for the RPG-7B grenade launchers from an blacklisted Russian. The size of the deal between the Russian state-run corporation and the Philippine government is about 400 million Filipino pesos (about $ 7.5 million).

President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte at a meeting in Moscow in May 2017 asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to provide his country with weapons, citing the desire to reduce dependence on the USA. 
Russia immediately stated preparedness to supply the Philippines with small arms, ammunition and army trucks. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu during a visit to Philippines signed an agreement on military and technical cooperation between Moscow and Manila.

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