North Korea: missile tests are self-defense against US threat

North Korea considers the missile launches it has carried out in recent times as self-defense against military threats from the United States. According to the regime, the launches did not affect the security of neighboring countries and aviation in the region, according to a statement from the state press agency KCNA.

North Korea has launched six missiles in less than two weeks. One of the missiles flew over Japan on Tuesday and triggered an air alarm in certain places. Japan, South Korea and the US held their own missile tests and military exercises in the air in response to the launches. North Korea retaliated with new missiles and simulated bombing. Seoul and Washington have announced new military exercises at sea.

“Our missile tests are normal and planned self-defense measures to protect our security and regional peace from direct U.S. military threats,” the statement said.

The regime also says it wants to respond to the International Aviation Organization ICAO, which has labeled the launches as a serious security risk for international air traffic.

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