Next year in Jerusalem! Eurovision-2019 saved by the deal


The threat of disruption of the international music contest Eurovision in Israel is finally resolved as the country’s Ministry of Finance and the public broadcasting corporation of the country known as Kan agreed on the payment of 12-million euros deposit to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the Jerusalem Post reported.

The necessary sum should be transferred on August when the EBU term expires.

The Ministry authorized the Kan to take a loan and pay the deposit. Under the deal, which is not yet confirmed in the broadcasting corporation, the government will pay the loan instead of Kanin case the corporation is unable to return it “because of unforeseen circumstances.”

Earlier, Kan estimated the cost of holding Eurovision in 2019 at 157 million shekels (almost $ 43 million) while the revenues are estimated at only $ 14.5 million. The company wanted the 28-odd million dollars difference to be paid from the state budget of Israel. The Finance Ministry did not want to pay these expenses alone and allocate 12 million euros, since this money will not be returned to Israel if the contest still does not take place,.

The Eurovision Song Contest-2019 has been surrounded by numerous scandals. The government was unwilling to hold the show in Jerusalem, fearing worldwide protests and boycott. It was rumoured that the contest may be moved to Austria.

There are also concerns that ultra-Orthodox Jews may protest against violations of the Jewish Sabbath, preventing the event taking place on a Saturday night when it is usually held.

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