N. Korea Urges Us to Lift Sanctions Considering “Goodwill Gestures”


On Monday, official North Korean media asked the United States to lift sanctions stating that Pyongyang has demonstrated goodwill by halting nuclear missile tests and giving the remains of dead American soldiers who perished during the Korean War killed in the 1950-53.

The statement was made days after the UN came to the conclusion that North Korea had not stopped its nuclear and missile program in accordance with the Organization’s resolutions, and continued to carry out illegal deals with oil, coal and other commodities.

N. Korea and the United States have pledged to work to put an end to the Pyongyang arms program at the Singapore Summit in June.

The DPRK’s public media have accused Washington of “acting opposite” to the roadmap to improve relations, despite that Pyongyang has made goodwill gestures, namely, imposed a moratorium on nuclear and missile tests, dismantled the nuclear test site and returned the remains of American soldiers who died in the Korean War of 1950-1953.

“The State Department of the United States has issued outrageous arguments that it will not relax sanctions until the complete end of denuclearization, and the strengthening of sanctions is a way to increase negotiating power,” the media reports. – How can the sanctions, which were a stick, which the US administration spat in the framework of hostile policies against us, can be favorable for the friendship of the two countries? “

The Rodong Sinmun editorial article has become a new sign of Pyongyang’s disappointment over slow nuclear talks.

The United States extended sanctions against North Korea for a year after the Trump/Kim summit in Singapore,.

US intelligence is convinced that North Korea has increased in recent months the production of nuclear fuel in several secret facilities.

Later, US intelligence agencies came to the conclusion citing satellite images that the DPRK continues to build ballistic missiles.

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