N. Korea May Be Working on New Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles


The Sanumdong research center in the suburbs of Pyongyang, North Korea, is believed to be working on at least one, possibly two, intercontinental ballistic missiles, according to a Washington Post report citing anonymous sources in the intelligence community. These missiles could potentially are capable of reaching the United States coast, intelligence sources fear.

Spy satellite images published by the WP feature the movement of covered heavy red ICBM vehicles and trailers around the facility. The publication concludes that N. Korea continues its missile program, despite all the assurances of Donald Trump that Pyongyang no longer represents a nuclear threat.

Leaders of the United States and North Korea Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un signed a declaration on the results of the historic summit in Singapore on June 12. In the document, Pyongyang stated its commitment to the denuclearization of Korean peninsula, as the US pledged security guarantees to the DPRK.

Earlier, the research group 38 North for North Korea, after studying commercial satellite images, announced the beginning of the dismantling of the main missile test facilities in Sokh. In late June, the same research group reported on Pyongyang’s continued active construction works to develop the infrastructure of the Yonben nuclear center.

In early July, the WSJ wrote that the DPRK is completing the expansion of a key plant for the production of solid-fuel ballistic missiles near the town of Hamhun on the eastern coast of the country.

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