My Power is My People, Says Armenian Protest Leader


Protesters in Armenia blocked the metro, the airport in Yerevan, and the railway traffic throughout the country. The leader of an Armenian protest movement Nikol Pashinyan asked his supporters to unblock all the highways by 5 pm local time.

Pashinyan’s supporters took to the streets throughout the republic.

In the morning of May 2, after he was defeated in the elections of the country’s prime minister, Pashinyan’s supporters, demanding “to recognize the victory of the people” and elect a leader of the protest for the post of head of government, blocked the metro, the railway and the Yerevan airport.

On his Facebook page, Pashinyan asked demonstrators that they should give way only to ambulances, vehicles of the Ministry of Emergencies, and army trucks.

Pashinyan called on his supporters to “behave peacefully and not fall for provocations.” 

He said roads should be unblocked by 17 pm local time to ensure the operation of Zvartnots airport in Yerevan.

Armenian authorities remain passive “No action has been taken [to restore the movement of trains],” said a top official of South Caucasus Railways.

In the country’s capital, Yerevan, all streets adjacent to the Republic Sq., are totally blocked. Taxi drivers play football with students. All the central streets of the capital are also blocked by cars or garbage cans. On the Republic Sq., a crowd of about one thousand participants of the rally are chanting slogans demanding the resignation of the Republican Party.

Armenians resumed mass protests after the ruling Republican Party and the parliament voted down Pashinyan’s candidacy at a special meeting on the occasion of the interim prime minister’s election, giving 45 votes against voted 50 needed.

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