MH370 mystery solved, “60 Minutes” team claims


Malaysian Boeing 777 on route MH370 with 239 people on board has disappeared in 2014. Since then millions of dollars and thousands of hours was spent on search of the wreckage and investigation of the one of the greatest mysteries in the modern aviation history. The team of aviation experts and journalists from the Australian “60 Minutes” announced their findings. By analyzing the known data on the last flight of MH370 they claim that the MH370 disappearance was a mass murder suicide, carried by the single person – Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah.

Their hypothesis is based on the unplanned detour maneuver towards Penang, Malaysia, the hometown of Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah. The team believes that it was kind of farewell bid of the 53-old captain who, they speculate, was the only one person on board of the plane who was conscious at the time. “60 minutes” team suppose that the captain has deliberately induced depressurization. As the crew and passengers have lost consciousness he was left the only person in command, as he was the only one who was ready for upcoming depressurization and grabbed the oxygen mask. Later he committed suicide. Before it he pay farewell to his hometown Penang.

It reminds of the another one air disaster – not connected to the suicide crew member – with the Greek airliner which lost pressurization. It was officially proclaimed that the loss of Helios 522 was due to the crew incapacitation due to loss of pressurization, followed by fuel exhaustion.

The “60 minutes” claim explains many strange circumstances in the MH370 disappearance. As for now it does not answer all the critical questions but is a good turn in the investigation.

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