Macron Wants EU to Speak French


The French president Emmanuel Macron is in favor of making French the default  language of the European Union He has been nurturing this ide since the referendum on the withdrawal of the UK from the EU, The Wall Street Journal reported.

“English has probably never been so present in Brussels as when we’re talking about Brexit,” Macron said in March on the Day of Francophonie, a celebration of French language and culture observed in more than 70 countries. 

“This domination is not inevitable,” French leader said as quoted by the WSJ.

The eurocrats may soon have to get used to the idea that Voltaire’s language will prevail over the language of Shakespeare. Earlier, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that the EU should not have become so anglicized. The closest associate of Emmanuel Macron is a native of Luxembourg and regularly speaks German and French.

A representative of France in the EU refused to participate in a budget meeting since it was conducted in English. One of the diplomats told the publication that after that all the other delegates also demanded a translation into their native languages, although before that no one had any problems with speaking English.

The President of France, by the way, assures that additional French courses for officials will appear in the EU apparatus and also promised to expand the international network of French schools.

However, The Wall Street Journal writes that the EU’s rejection of English as the official language of the union is an extremely difficult task. Most students study English, and the documents are mostly in English, although only 3 percent of the European officials are British. 

English is the official language for 13% of the residents of the European Union, but after Brexit their number is bound to drop to 1%.

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