London Suspects Rich Russians of ‘Dirty Wealth’


A law enacted earlier this year in the UK gives the British authorities to demand an explanation of the origin of capital from foreign property owners and assets

The list of people, whose sources of welfare are found to be shady by the national criminal agency of Great Britain, contains from 120 to 140 people, a spokesman for the department told The Times. Most of them are Russians and people whose assets are somehow connected with Russia, the source familiar with the course of the investigation, said. 

He said that the Salisbury attack has accelerated the work of law enforcers with the illegal finances of corrupt elites.

After the attempt on the former GRU Col. Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, the relations between Russia and Britain deteriorated sharply. The violins were found on March 4 on a bench in Salisbury with signs of poisoning with a nerve agent. London accused Moscow of being involved in this attack.

Donald Toon, Director for Economic Crime at Britain’s National Crime Agency rejected the idea that the investigation of the origin of the state may be due to the incident in Salisbury. “This is not all about Russia. It’s not a crime to be born Russian. It’s not a crime to be rich,” he told reporters as quoted by Reuters.

“We have significantly increased amount of work ongoing, some of which is against people who are Russian nationals, but there is a wide spread of activity if you look at the nationality of those involved.”

“Some of them you are talking about ridiculous amounts of money,” he said. “It’s the kind of lifestyles of the rich and famous but generally without the ‘and famous’ bit at the end.”

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