London Mayor Calls for Another Brexit Referendum


Democracy is only a tool and not the goal. This ancient wisdom was seemingly lost during modern days as the word ‘democracy’ itself was misused and compromised in many ways. Democracy was meant to transfer the power to the people in safe and controllable fashion, as in res publicae. It should ensure that the public is responsible for it’s own decisions. Therefore it is at least un-democratic to vote on the same topic twice. Or vote as many times as it get to vote ‘right’.

The British ‘Brexit’ referendum is a brave attempt that has gone terribly wrong and as such will find its place in textbooks. It seems that the establishment has made all the mistakes possible only to pave the way to even more mistakes. Such as a call to the ‘second’ referendum. So why not the third?

The mayor of London called for a repeated referendum on the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union. In an article for the British newspaper The Guardian, Sadiq Khan noted that in six months the UK could face either a “bad deal” or stay “without a deal.”

It does not matter how the British executive power has handled the matters. To forge a deal that will be good enough for the people is a base for the judgement for administration, not the decisions that were made on a referendum.

Khan says he is respecting the will of the British people was to leave the EU but wants the British people to make the best of the situation. He believes that the repeated referendum will allow the Brits to regain control over the pullout process. So far, Prime Minister Teresa May failed to agree on the Brexit position, not only with her party, but also with Brussels.

In what sense Khans respects “the will of the British people”? If May failed to succeed there other options than ‘second’ referendum.

Negotiations between London and the European Union on the terms of the Brexit must end in November. The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union will begin in March 2019 and end in late 2020.

Previously, Teresa May ruled out a possibility of holding a second referendum on the country’s exit from the European Union. She believes that a repeat vote would be an abuse of democracy and we kind of agree with her.

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