Lebanese Minister of information Manal Abdel Samad resigned in aftermath of the explosion


The Lebanese Minister of information resigned after the devastating explosion at the Port of Beirut last Tuesday. Manal Abdel Samad is the first top officer to clear the field because of the disaster, which cost over 150 people their lives.

“After the enormous catastrophe in Beirut, I announce my departure from the government,” quoting local media from a statement by the executive woman. She apologized to the Lebanese people.

On Tuesday, a warehouse in the harbor exploded, storing about 2750 tonnes of seized ammonium nitrate. The revelation that this substance has been a kind of ticking time bomb in the capital for many years has led to great indignation and violent protests.

The powerful explosion caused a massive devastation in the city and claimed over 150 deaths. Among them the wife of the Dutch Ambassador of Lebanon, Hedwig Waltmans-Molier.

“Hedwig stood in their living room next to Jan and was struck by dumb luck by the explosion,” says the State Department.

The explosion struck a 40-foot crater. That’s what a security officer says, based on research by French experts in the area.

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