Kim Jong-un Went Off Radars


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have not appeared in public for 15 days, Yonhap agency said Tuesday. According to the agency, the leader of the DPRK visited 30 economic facilities in the period from late July to late August. The last time North Korean media reported on Kim Jong-un’s activities was more than two weeks ago, when he visited a medical equipment factory and attended the funeral of ex-Minister of People’s Armed Forces of North Korea Kim Yong Chun on August 21.

Yonhap notes that the absence of the North Korean leader draws growing public attention since the DPRK is to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the state on Sunday, September 9.

The agency suggests that Kim could concentrate on diplomatic strategies against the backdrop of a lack of progress in negotiations with the United States. It also unclear whether the meeting between Kim Jong-un and Seoul’s special representatives, who should visit Pyongyang on September 5, will be cancelled.

On September 2, the former Minister of Culture of Russia Mikhail Shvydkoi said that Kim Jong-un sent a telegram with condolences in connection with the death Joseph Kobzon, a prominent Russian singer and politician.

Donald Trump recently cancelled a scheduled trip in late August to North Korea by Pompeo to continue the talks on the nuclear disarmament of the peninsula.

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