Its up to Joe Biden: Privacy Shield controversy will be solved by new administration


Companies hoping that the European Union and the new government of the United States will soon reach an agreement to exchange information between the two areas will probably have to wait for months, says the head of the European privacy watchdog against Reuters news agency.

The previous agreement called Privacy Shield was swept off the table by the European Court of Justice in July because, in the opinion of the Supreme European Court, data from European citizens in the US are not sufficiently protected.

Companies using the Privacy Shield to justify sending data to the US had to stop doing so immediately. Five thousand companies benefited from the scheme.

“I do not expect a replacement for Privacy Shield within a few weeks, and probably not within a few months,” says Wojciech Wiewiorowski, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS).

“So we have to bear in mind that a system without a privacy-like solution will be a while away.”One of the reasons, according to him, is that the government of the upcoming US president Joe Biden has other priorities.

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