Israel Set to Slap Heavy Fines on Prostitutes’ Clients


Israel is mulling a clampdown on prostitution, which is no illegal in the country.

The country’s Minister of Justice Ayеlet Shacked submitted on Monday submitted a draft law to the Committee on Promoting the Status of Women of the Knesset on administrative penalties for clients of prostitutes.

The bill sets the first penalty for a client caught with prostitutes at 1,500 shekels. Recidivist customers caught within three years from the first offence will face a fine of 3,000 thousand shekels.

Anybody caught with a prostitute can ask to be tried rather than pay the fine, but if the court finds that the violation was indeed committed, the fine can be increased to 14,400 shekels (over 4,000 dollars). The offender would not be considered a criminal with a criminal record, though.

Speaking at a meeting of the Knesset (parliament) sub-committee on human trafficking and prostitution, the minister said that her bill is a message: trafficking in women and using prostitution services are out of bounds

“Using prostitution services is immoral and offensive, objectifying women’s bodies in Israel. Prostitution needs to be handled much more broadly, which we will be doing in the months to come,” she said.

The bill provides for the allocation of a budget for the implementation of a comprehensive plan to combat prostitution, including programs for the rehabilitation of prostitutes, to identify and prevent the creation of brothels, and rehabilitation courses and sex clinics for consumers of sexual services.

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