Israel Downs Syrian Sukhoi Fighter


The Israeli Armed Forces shot down a Syrian plane in the Golan Heights, Haaretz reported. According to a representative of the IDF, a Russian-made Sukhoi aircraft invaded 2 km into Israel’s airspace and was shot down by two Patriot ground-to-air missiles. Eyewitnesses saw the launch of missiles from the area of ​​Safed in northern Israel and an explosion in the air.

Syria said that one of its jets was targeted by Israel while conducting raids in southern Syria, in Syrian airspace.

IDF said the Syrian fighter took off from the T4 airbase that is used by Iranian forces and houses a command center for Iran’s drone operations in Syria.

The type of the downed aircraft is not specified, but, according to observers, it could be the Su-24 or Su-22 by the government forces of Syria. According to Sky News Arabic, the plane fell in Syria in the Yarmuk area, the fate of the pilots is still unknown.

This is the first incident since 2014, when a Syrian manned plane was shot down over Israel. In September 2014, the Israeli Armed Forces destroyed the Su-24 Syrian bomber.

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