Israel Airstrikes Gaza in Response to Rocket Attacks


The Israeli defence forces dealt a few fierce strikes on the Gaza Strip. Raids were in response to numerous rocket and mortar attacks on Israeli territory by Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror organizations throughout the day, the country’s defense ministry said on Twitter.

It was the most intensive round of Palestinian rocket attacks and Israeli retaliatory airstrikes since a 2014 war.

The Israeli military reported the destruction of six military facilities of Hamas, ammunition depots, boats and control points in response to at least 80 mortar rounds and several missile launches, which resulted in injuring Israeli soldiers. 

Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad took responsibility for the shelling. 

After the exchange of attacks, the border separating the strip from nearby Israeli communities fell quiet at around 5 a.m. Palestinian spokesperson said that Egypt had meditated an ceasefire agreement aimed to “a restoration of calm by both sides.

Israeli authorities denied the truce. 

“Not even an informal agreement,” Education Minister Naftali Bennett said a meeting of security cabined on Wednesday, and added that the Israeli military began an operation on the territory of the Gaza Strip. She refused to elaborate on the nature of the operation. 

Hamas said it may agree to ceasefire if Israel reciprocates.

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