Hungarian PM accused the European Parliament of blackmail


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban accused the European Parliament of trying to “blackmail” Budapest, as European lawmakers began to consider disciplinary measures against his country. This is reported by Radio Liberty.

MEP Judith Sargentini of the Netherlands, who commissioned a report on Hungary and Orban’s party, reported to the parliament in Strasbourg on September 11 that the document “comprehensively lists” attacks on the media, national minorities and violations of the rule of law.

These attacks “clearly contradict” the values ​​of the EU, Sargentini said.

Eurosceptic Orban condemned the report as “abuse of power”, said that it contained “serious factual distortions” and promised that Hungary “does not agree with this blackmail.”

The report “insults Hungary and the honor of the Hungarian nation,” Orban said.

The European Parliament discussed the possible violation of the fundamental principles of the EU by Hungary. On September 12, European MPs will vote for a resolution that could deprive Hungary of the right to vote in the Council of the European Union.

The report, prepared by Judith Sargentini, speaks of corruption in Hungary, problems in the constitutional, electoral and judicial systems, worsening of the situation with freedom of speech and pressure on civil society.

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