Fiancée of Khashoggi is pressing charges against Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia


The fiancée of the murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has filed charges against Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman before a Washington court for ordering the murder.

Hatice Cengiz of a human rights organization, which Khashoggi, shortly before his death, he had established that the journalist was tortured and killed and cut into pieces, to the struggle for democratic change in the Arab world, and for good paralyze.

Mohammed bin Salman and 28 other Saudis ‘ saw Khashoggi’s actions in the United States as an existential threat to their financial and other interests and therefore conspired to commit the heinous acts that are the subject of this trial’, it says in the indictment.

Khashoggi annoyed the Saudi authorities with the critical columns he wrote for The Washington Post. He was killed in October 2018 at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, where he hoped to arrange paperwork for his upcoming marriage. His fiancée was waiting outside because she feared something would happen to him. When he stopped coming out, she sounded the alarm. It was later discovered that a team from Saudi Arabia had killed him and cut him to pieces. His body was never found.

Cengiz claims that employees of the Saudi Embassy in Washington “lured” her fiancé, who lived in the United States, to the consulate in Turkey. This “fatal deception” was, according to the charge, part of a conspiracy against Khashoggi’s political activities in the United States.

It is a civil case and the hope of Cengiz and the DAWN organisation (Democracy for the Arab World Now) is that both Saudi and American documents emerge during a trial in the United States that shed more light on events.

A Saudi court sentenced five people to death for the murder, which was later commuted to 20 years in prison. However, according to the UN rapporteur, Agnès Callamard, only the assassins were on trial during this trial, and the authors of the plan, including the Saudi crown prince, went free.

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