EU urges ‘Full Preparedness’ for Brexit Talks Failure


The European Commission fears that Brussels and London will not have time to ratify the treaty on UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit) by late next March 29. The EU is concerned about the problems that may entail.

The European Union urges member states and companies to strengthen their preparations in case of failure of negotiations on Brexit. EU nations and firms should be prepared for any scenarios for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU at the end of March 2019, reads the statement of the European Commission (EC), released on Thursday, July 19.

The document notes that the European Union is working “day and night” with London on the “orderly withdrawal” of Britain from the EU, but “it is still unclear whether it will be possible to prepare a ratified agreement on Brexit to the planned date.”

Whether or not there is a deal, Brussels fears that Brexit will lead to disruptions in the logistics, e.g. in business supply chains, to problems caused by the resumption of control on the EU’s external border with the UK, uncertainties about the licenses, certificates and permits issued by the United Kingdom, and about unified regulations in the sphere of data transmission.

The UK plans to withdraw from the EU on March 29 next year. Brussels and London are currently working on an agreement regulating the order of Brexit. These negotiations should be completed before the end of October to give the parliaments of both sides enough time to ratify the agreed document.

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