EU Told to Brace Up for ‘Worst-Case Scenarios’


President of the European Council Donald Tusk on the eve of the summit of the EU starting on Thursday sent an invitation letter to the leaders of the EU member countries. Among other things, Tusk urged European leaders to be ready for the worst scenarios in relations with the United States. 

Tusk recalled the events of the recent G7 summit in Canada and noted that, along with important migration issues and reforms in the euro area, “it is important to remember the geopolitical context after the G7 summit in Canada.” ” Despite our tireless efforts to keep the unity of the West, transatlantic relations are under immense pressure due to the policies of President Trump,” Tusk wrote, adding that the disagreement between the EU and the US goes beyond trade.

“I will share with you my political assessment of where things stand. It is my belief that, while hoping for the best, we must be ready to prepare our Union for worst-case scenarios,” warned the head of the European Council.

The EU summit will be held in Brussels on 28 and 29 June.

Relations between Brussels and Washington deteriorated against the background of the trade war amid duties imposed by Washington on steel and aluminum from the EU. Brussels in response slapped increased duties on a number of goods from the United States.

The European Commission approved a response to US fees

The topic of trade barriers was raised at the G-7 summit in Quebec, Canada, in early June. The parties failed to agree on the outcome of the meeting final communique, which was supposed to declare the consent of G7 with the need to comply with the principles of “free, fair and mutually beneficial trade.” 

Trump refused to sign the document. The Chancellor of Germany condemned this Trump’s move as “depressing.” At the same time, Merkel stressed that Trump’s decision does not mean the end of the transatlantic partnership. However, now, the politician added, the EU countries can no longer “just rely” on the United States.

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