Early clues of man-made origin of Wuhan virus found


According to The Wall Street Journal, three employees of the virologic Institute of the Chinese city of Wuhan were so ill at the end of November 2019 that they had to go to hospital. The newspaper is based on a report from the American intelligence services. According to the newspaper, the report may lead to a wider call for an investigation into whether the coronavirus came from the laboratory in the city of millions.

Virologist Marion Koopmans was a member of the team of the World Health Organization (WHO) that conducted research in Wuhan. “This story comes up all the time,” she says. “But it’s a do-it-not battle between China and America. As long as the American intelligence services do not share their information with us, it is not for us to judge.

“The Koopmans team asked the services for information several times, but they never received an answer. “China, for its part, says that all the lab staff have been tested and that no one has antibodies.”

Koopman says she and her team in China found no evidence that the virus came out of the lab. That’s all they can do as scientists. “As long as we can’t see this secret information from the Americans, we won’t get any further. The different governments could address this to America, perhaps the information will still be shared in this way.”

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