Dust Storms Kill Over 110 in India


Lightning strikes and violent dust storms reportedly killed at least 116 people and injured more than 250 across India on Wednesday. Meteorologists say more bad weather on the horizon so the death the death toll is expected to rise.

Similar storms kill hundreds of people each year in India but these were some of the most severe in recent decades.

Charan Singh, a scientist at India Meteorological department, said winds of 132 kph hit Agra while even in the capital Delhi there were gusts of 59 kph.

Agra district of Uttar Pradesh was one of the worst hit by the dust clouds, with more than 40 people killed. The Taj Mahal is in Agra city but officials said the monument escaped damage.

Last month, a similar storm killed at least 15 people in Uttar Pradesh and destroyed two minarets over an entry house to the Taj Mahal.

Rescuers were still going through the rubble of felled homes on Thursday.

“There is a forecast for more storms in the next 48 hours across the state so people should be alert,” he added.

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