Dog Toy experiment: is Google always listening?


Have you had that weird experience of getting right the ads you needed in Google Adsense? Well, after all it well can be not a wonder of smart prediction algorithms but a simple fact that Microsoft and Google are wiretapped your computer and smartphone. And if they do speech recognition and analysis they obviously store your speech. If you are in a room with smart TV, Android phone, smart speaker system or computer – you are not alone. It is what “Dog Toy experiment” conducted by Mitchollow has been proved. Or is it?

That is what has been performed. Mitchollow has talked abut dog toys in front of his computer and suddenly Adsense switched to display ads of dog toys on the majority of Google-Adsense enabled sites. It is something that many of us have experienced personally.

Of course there are some concerns to address. For example the “dog toy speech” was made while the Chrome is offline. Do Google keep some portion of it running background even while off? Or do the Microsoft Windows share it’s data with Google by some sort of secret agreement? Wasn’t entire experiment flawed by the first click on the dog toy ad? And isn’t all the experiment a fake to set up the Good Directorate?

It’s easy to check for themselves. It is, after all, a good starting point for a really good experiment. As for wiretapping, there are an extensive list of evidence that the constant transfer of at least some form of compiled data is flowing to the MS and Google. Microphone and camera should be disabled directly to mitigate it.

In a follow-up video Mitchollow has made an attempt to play down the results of his video. It was also unconvincing.

After all the flaw of the experiment setup was found: it was streaming through Youutube and the Youtube definitely process speech on the fly to determine what is video about. Experiment repeated and prerecorded does not show any correlation. However this does not mean that Google / Microsoft or other parties do not tap into the mic.

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