China wants to oust US from the throne

China wants to dethrone the United States as the world power in 2049, and that is now being used fanatically. China uses Chinese companies across the globe to do this, and more than 300,000 hackers work for the Chinese government every day.

It is even the case that Chinese companies that develop camera equipment, for example, are obliged to transfer all data that cameras acquire to the Chinese government.

It happens, among other things, that a Chinese representative knocks and asks What can be seen on the images. If it is not already agreed that it must be done.

The compulsory transfer of information to one’s own government serves many different purposes, he emphasizes. All the more so because China has set itself the goal of developing itself into the ultimate world power by 2049, when the people’s Republic will exist for a hundred years. In this sense, they want to overthrow the current world power – the United States – from the throne.

To achieve this, China is developing and developing in the political, economic and military spheres. They want to become more powerful and gain more influence. “And you can use all kinds of information very useful for that.

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