China: Tariffs ‘Benefit No One’


China filed another complaint with the WTO over the introduction by the US of tariffs on imports of Chinese goods, the country’s Ministry of Commerce said in a release on Friday.

“China has launched proceedings in the WTO in connection with the official entry into force of US duties,” the document on the ministry’s website reads.

The ministry’s spokesman Gao Feng told a press conference that “US terror in trade with the help of a stick of tariffs does not correspond to the current trends.” 

Gao stated that China “will never lower its head” before threats and blackmail on the part of the US. 
In the meantime, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang warns that there could be no winner in a trade war with the United States, yet China has to take countermeasures against Washington.

“Trade war is never a solution,” Li said at a press conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, where Chinese delegation is to meet with 16 central and eastern European countries to discuss trade.

“China would never start a trade war but if anyone resorts to an increase of tariffs, then China will take measures in response” to protect its interests.

Li says the U.S. introduction of tariffs “benefits no one.” 

The US slapped 25 percent duties on $34 bn of imports from China. This is supposed to be the beginning of White House’s tariff decisions that President Trump says could affect up to $550 bn of Chinese goods.

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