China Said Mulls Scrapping Birth Limits


The Chinese authorities plan to abolish all restrictions on the number of children in families that have been in effect since 1979. According to Bloomberg, Beijing wants to combat the problem of rapid population aging and international criticism.

China can abandon the policy of birth control imposed 40 years ago, sources familiar with the discussion of the issue told the agency.

The State Council of China has commissioned a study on the repercussions of ending population rules. One of the people familiar with the matter noted that measures are aimed to combat the problem of rapid aging of the population that has arisen against this background and international criticism faced by the world’s second largest economy.

The decision can be taken before the end of 2018.

“It’s late for China to remove birth limits even within this year but it’s better than never,” said Chen Jian said a vice president of the China Society of Economic Reform, formerly a top official in the National Family Planning Commission. “Scrapping birth limits will have little effect on the tendency of China’s declining births.”

In 1979, the Chinese authorities adopted a program to monitor the population and introduced the “one family – one child” rule. There were exceptions for rural farmers and certain situations. Violators were severely fined. This policy prevented an increase in the population of the country by 400 million people. 

Since 2016 Chinese families have been allowed to have two children. The population of China is about 1.4 billion people.

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