China Bank Sold Overpriced Tickets for Dinner with Trump


A Chinese state-owned bank, China Construction Bank offered its clients to dine with US President Donald Trump for $ 150,000, Bloomberg reports. The bank received invitations from a travel agency in Shanghai, a source familiar with the situation added.

Invitation to May 31 dinner in Dallas was sent to the bank’s wealthy clients. They, in particular, were promised that they will have an opportunity to communicate with big American tycoons, take pictures with Trump and get his autograph, the agency reports.

The president is expected to actually take part in the event of the National Committee of the Republican Party on that night in order to raise funds for re-election. However, organizations that conduct political campaigns in the US are not allowed accepting donations from foreign citizens or companies.

The Dallas Morning News in early May wrote about Trump’s plans to hold a dinner on May 31 in the city and made public a sample invitation to the event. It stated that participation in the dinner as a sponsor would cost from $ 35 thousand, of $ 50 thousand for co-organizers (this status gives the right to VIP-seats and photographing with the president).

The representatives of Trump’s headquarters and the RNC denied any knowledge about the invitations that the Chinese bank offered its customers. “We do not accept any foreign donations. Since we learned about [the situation with the Chinese bank], we notified the relevant authorities about this unauthorized announcement,” the agency said.

One of the staff representatives also told the agency on condition of anonymity that the headquarters had notified the situation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. In China Construction Bank, the agency’s questions were not answered promptly.

In January Bloomberg wrote that the ticket for two to the reception in honor of the anniversary of the inauguration of Trump was sold for $ 100 thousand, and for sitting at the same table with the president, one had to pay $ 250 thousand (also for two).

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