Carlo Acutis is the first Millenial saint


For the first time, a millennial has been beatified. Carlo Acutis, who died of leukemia in 2006 at the age of 15, is also referred to as the cyber Apostle in Italy.

By order of Pope Francis, the Italian Cardinal Agostino Vallini beatified the teenager in Assisi today. Acutis proclaimed his faith through the internet. He used his passion for computers to build Catholic websites and thus spread the gospel.

After his death, Acutis became a role model for young believers. Acutis’s body was embalmed and a silicone mask was applied to his face. The boy from Milan was buried at his own request in Assisi.

To be beatified, a miracle is necessary. The Vatican found this for Acutis in Brazil. In 2013, a child with a rare pancreatic abnormality became ‘miraculously’ better after his family prayed to Acutis.

The beatification was delayed by several months due to the coronavirus. The teenager’s grave was opened ten days ago. Many believers went to St. Francis Basilica to pray by the embalmed body of the boy.

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