Any Color As Long As It’s White


Following the notorious ban of black cars, the government of Turkmenistan, a post-Soviet Central Asian country, decided to altogether ban the use of any cars unless their colour is white, reported the Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

The Turkmen leader Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov earlier slammed ban on black-painted cars as he thinks white cars bring “good fortune”.

According to the publication, before late March, the residents of the country’s capital city Ashgabat were allowed to sell their non-white out to the regions. From now on, owners of such cars just cannot register them before they have their vehicles repainted. Under the government pressure, the prices for this service have soared.

The average cost of repainting is 18,000 manats, which is $ 5,143 at the official rate (3.5 manat for $ 1) or $ 1,125 at the black market rate (16 manats for $ 1). In small private car-care shops, repainting costs 8,000-14,000 manat, or even 4,000-6,000 manat, but the quality of the painting will be worse.

Quite predictably, Turkmenistan capital is suffering from the deficit of white paint. While two months ago a four-kilogram can of white paint from the United Arab Emirates could be bought four 1,500 manats, by April its price on the market soared by one and a half times.

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