Wear light colors in the autumn, doctors say


“Tan suit controversy” is four years old now and is almost forgotten. However, tan suits maybe a great idea for the autumn as one of the most efficient ways to prevent mosquito bites is to wear light-colored clothes with long sleeves. This exact advice gives Wisconsin Department of Health Services. It is especially important as it is expected that West Nile Virus and the associated fewer will be severe this year.

First human case of WNV confirmed in Waukesha County. It totals two confirmed case with four still unconfirmed cases. The WNW season maybe prolonged this year. Agency has 79 confirmed WNV in birds and one in horse. In 2012 WNV has been confirmed in 57 humans. Contrary to some reports WNV has not become either more virulent or contagious. It is rarely lethal and usually does not leave severe risks for the health.

WNV is one of the viruses that are quickly conquering new territories. It spreads as far as Northern Canada and is especially notorious in Ontario where one death was reported this year. It is spreading in Eastern and Western Europe and is generally flourishing during autumns following hot and humid summers.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services asks to follow these rules to prevent WNV and other mosquito-borne diseases:

  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Don’t hesitate to wear light-colored cloth as mosquito and insects in general are more attracted to dark ones.
  • Don’t hesitate to use repellents. DEET is one of them with proven efficiency.
  • Dusk is most active time for mosquito. Limit your outdoor dusk activities. Night and day is OK, early morning is somewhat risky.

It is important to destroy mosquito breeding grounds. They can breed in any can exposed to rain. Old tires are real gem for them!

For more information on WNV please go to CDC site. For more data on WNV in Wisconsin and more prevention tips please read the Wisconsin Department of Health Services article.

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