Sweet young years: toddlers are getting too much added sugars, CDC reports


Excessive sugar consumption is one of the most known common origin of obesity, dental degradation. There are statistically proven links between high sugar and asthma and heart diseases. The earlier patient is introduces to high sugar consumption, the heavier the consequences he or she will face during the life. CDC report warns that toddlers are facing the highest level of added sugars in their diets – and it will pay off dearly during the life of the generation to come.

Toddlers in America are getting too much added sugar. The problem will be even bigger as they will get older, a new study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control concludes. According to the CDC children under the age of 2 should not get added sugar at all. However such popular food as cereals, drinks, yogurt and baked goods contain it in a large quantities. It’s even worse: toddlers often get sugary drinks and desserts. It is a source of added sugars and will influence the taste for a lifetime. The ‘sugar tolerance’ will be formed.

Parents of 800 children aged 6 to 23 months were questioned on what their child’s “added sugar” consumption was in a 24-hour period. For the 6- to 11-month-olds, 61 percent of the sugar in their diet was added sugar. But by the time children reached between 1 and 2 years old, almost all of the sugar those children got was added.

«Added sugars» are sugars added as a powder or sucrose syrup. It comes from processing sugar cane or sugar beets and is nearly 100% metabolized and turned to fat. It is the easiest way to supply the energy, however added sugars come with the catch – the «sugar tolerance» will be formed eventually. Children will consider food without added sugar «not tasty».

Added sugars is a leading cause of obesity – a growing and expanding pandemic process around the world. Every next generation is found to be more obese than previous.

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